Reboot qualifies as a startup, but that does not mean we expect our employees to assume the financial burden.

Externally, we will look like a startup- fast growing, customer obsessed, quick moving, etc.

But internally, we will offer our employees the benefits of a larger company...albeit with much more transparency.

Base Compensation

We have three levels of compensation:

Our goal with these levels of compensation is to be in-line with the market, even if we are at the low end of it.

(These numbers are based on general business development, software, tech, etc. As we grow, we will likely make adjustments.)


Reboot employees should expect their base compensation to increase while at the company. This will happen in two main ways:

  1. The obvious way is being promoted from level 1 to level 2, or from level 2 to level 3.
  2. Additionally, we want level 1 and level 2 employees to have opportunities for compensation raises in between levels. At our current levels, level 1 employees doing great work may receive an increase in compensation to $110,000, and level 2 employees may receive an increase to $132,500, prior to a full level promotion.

Profit Sharing

In addition to our base compensation, we offer annual bonuses. The primary driver of bonuses will be Reboot Motion's yearly profit. The TLDR is below and you can read the full details here.

We allocate 20% of Reboot's pre-bonus profit to employees in a profit sharing bonus pool, with an additional 5% allocated to a discretionary bonus pool. We believe this 25% total exceeds industry standards.

Currently, we are utilizing profit sharing as our primary driver for incentive alignment and non base compensation. Please look at the incentive program for a further explanation why we like this over equity grants and stock options.

Note on International or Short-Term Hires